Bigpoint Battle
Bigpoint Battle
Lokalizacja: Online

Bigpoint Battle była serią miesięcznych turniejów Dota 2 organizowanych przez joinDOTA i sponsorowanych przez Niemcy - flaga Bigpoint.


Edycja Dota 2 - Turnieje
BenQ 'The Clash'BenQ 'The Clash 2'Dota 2 Star ChampionshipDota2Replays Brawl
Dreamhack Winter 2011 Corsair Vengeance CupElectronic Sports World Cup 2011InsideDOTA Invitational
It's Gosu Monthly Madness Dota 2 InvitationalMalaysia InvitationalSunday Evening Cup Series Season 1
The Defense Season 1The International 2011WCG Asian Championships 2011
4PL Play4Dota2 2012Absolute Arena Dota 2 InvitationalAbsolute Arena Dota 2 Invitational 2
ASUS Open Final Battle of the YearAtoD Showdown 2AVerMedia Dota 2 CupBeyondTheSummit World Tour
D2E ChallengeDota 2 LostWorld Cup 1Dreamhack Open 2012 ValenciaDreamhack Summer 2012 Corsair Vengeance Cup
Dreamhack Winter 2012 Corsair Vengeance CupECAL: Americas LeagueElectronic Sports World Cup 2012
G-1 Champions League Season 4G-League 2012GEST Dota 2 TournamentGigabyte Dota Masters
GosuLeague First BloodGosuLeague Season 2GosuLeague Season 3GosuLeague Season 4GosuLeague Season 5
Infused CupsIt's Gosu Monthly Madness AsiaIt's Gosu Monthly Madness Season IIIt's Gosu Razer Mini Madness
JeeDota 2 Championship 1JeeDota 2 Championship 2JeeDota 2 Championship 3JeeDota 2 Championship 4
JeeDota 2 Championship 5joinDOTA MastersjoinDOTA OpenProDOTA2 Non-Pro League Season 1
ProDOTA2 Pro League Season 1RaidCall Dota 2 CupRaidCall Dota 2 League Season 1Razer Dota 2 Tournament
Samsung European EncounterStar Ladder Star Series Season 1Star Ladder Star Series Season 2
Star Ladder Star Series Season 3Star Ladder Star Series Season 4Team Dignitas InvitationalThe Asia 2012The Defense Season 2
The Defense Season 3The GD Studio - The Arena 1The GD Studio - The Arena 2The International 2012
The Premier League MastersThe Premier League Season 1The Premier League Season 2Thor Open 2012
WCG Asian Championships 2012World Cyber Games 2012XMAS Skynet Tournament
ACE Dota 2 League4PL Play4Dota2 2013Alienware Cup 2013 Season 1AMD Premier League Season 1
AMD Premier League Season 2American Dota LeagueArmaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia
ASUS ROG DreamLeague Kick-Off SeasonAtoD Showdown 3BeyondTheSummit Weekend CupBigpoint Battle
Corsair Gaming Summer Dota 2 Tournament 2013Curse Dota 2 InvitationalD2R Team League Season 1
Dota 2 Canada CupDota 2 Canada Cup Season 2Dota 2 Champions League Season 1Dota 2 Ireland Season 1
Dota 2 Super LeagueDotaCinema Rosh PitDotaHut InvitationalDreamhack Dota 2 Invitational
Dreamhack Summer 2013 ASUS ROG CupE2MAX L33t ChampionshipECL 2013Eizo CupElectronic Sports Prime Dota 2 Cup
Electronic Sports World Cup 2013Fengyun Dota 2 TournamentFragbite Masters 2013G-1 Champions League Season 5
G-League 2013GEST Season 1Gigabyte Premier LeagueGigacon 2014GMPGL SEA Grand Finals Season Five
HyperX Dota 2 League Season 4MLG Columbus 2013MLG Fall Invitational 2013Neolution GosuCup - August 2013
Neolution GosuCup - July 2013Neolution GosuCup - June 2013Neolution GosuCup - September 2013Netolic Pro League 2 East
Netolic Pro League 2 WestNetolic Pro League 3 EastNetolic Pro League 3 WestNetolic Pro League 4 West
Nexon Invitational Super MatchNexon Sponsorship League Season 1Nexon Sponsorship League Season 2Nexon Starter League
NM SpillExpo 2013Pinoy Gaming Festival - Fall 2013Pinoy Gaming Festival - Summer 2013Polish DOTA 2 Online Championships
PRIDE Challenge 2013RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 3RaidCall EMS One Season 1
RaidCall EMS One Season 2RaidCall EMS One Season 3Ritmix Russian Dota 2 LeagueSina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open Season 1
Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open Season 2Sino-net Dota 2 TournamentSK Trophy 1SK Trophy 2Southeast Asia League
Star Ladder Star Series Season 5Star Ladder Star Series Season 6Star Ladder Star Series Season 7
Star Ladder Star Series Season 8SteelSeries Euro CupSteelSeries Euro Cup Season 2SteelSeries SEA Cup Season 3
Techlabs Cup 2013 Season 1Techlabs Cup 2013 Season 2The Asia 2013The Defense Season 4The International 2013
The Premier League Season 3The Premier League Season 4The Premier League Season 5WePlay Dota 2 League Season 1
WePlay Dota 2 League Season 2
ACG SEA Invitational 2014AMD D2M LeagueAmerican Dota League Season 2AOC Pro Cup Season 1
Arabian Dota LeagueASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2Balkan Championship
Battle of AmericaBattle of Central Europe Season 1Battle of Central Europe Season 2Battle of Central Europe Season 3
BenQ All-Star ShowmatchBountyHunter SeriesBrasil Game Cup 2014CDEC New Star ChallengeCIS Carnage 2014
Corsair Asia CupCrashGame League Season 2Datbet ChampionshipDeadly Gaming Cup Season 1Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 3
Dota 2 ChallengeDota 2 Champions League Season 2Dota 2 Champions League Season 3Dota 2 Champions League Season 4
Dota 2 League Season 5Dota Pit League Season 2DreamHack Bucharest InvitationalECL 2014ECL 2014 Autumn
ESL One FrankfurtESL One New YorkElectronic Sports Prime Shock Therapy CupEsportal Dota 2 League
Excellent Moscow Cup Season 1Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2Fragbite Masters 2014G-League 2014
Game Show League Season 1GG LeagueGG League Season 2GIGABYTE ChallengeHyperX D2L Western Challengei-League
i-League Season 2IeSF 2014 World ChampionshipIeSF Asian ChampionshipsJapan Dota Cup Season 1
joinDOTA League America Season 1joinDOTA League Asia Season 1joinDOTA League Europe Season 1
joinDOTA League America Season 2joinDOTA League Asia Season 2joinDOTA League Europe Season 2
joinDOTA League America Season 3joinDOTA League Asia Season 3joinDOTA League Europe Season 3
joinDOTA League America Season 4joinDOTA League Asia Season 4joinDOTA League Europe Season 4
Korea Dota 2 League Season 1Korea Dota 2 League Season 2Korea Dota 2 League Season 3Korea Dota 2 League Season 4
MarsTV Dota 2 LeagueMegafon Battle ArenaMLG T.K.O. AmericaMLG T.K.O. EuropeMonster Energy Invitational
MSI Beat IT 2014National Electronic Sports Open 2014National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014Netolic Pro League 5 East
Netolic Pro League 5 WestNexon Sponsorship League Season 3NVIDIA Game 24OK.- Dota 2 CupPinnacle Pro-Am Cup
Red Bull ECL 2013 Grand FinalsSEA Dragon BattleSina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open Season 3
Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open Season 5Star Ladder SEA PreseasonStar Ladder Star Series Season 9
Star Ladder Star Series Season 10Star Ladder Star Series Season 11SteelSeries Euro Cup Season 3Techlabs Cup 2014 Season 1
Techlabs Cup 2014 Season 2The InauguralThe International 2014The SummitThe Summit 2Trilogy CupV Games Tournament
Vietnam eSports Champions League 2014World Cyber Arena 2014World E-sport Championships 2014WPC 2014
WVW National Electronic Sports Classic Season 1WVW National Electronic Sports Classic Season 2XMA X5 Mega Arena
XMG Captains Draft 2.0XMG Captains Draft InvitationalYard Red FestivalYard White FestivalZotac Starleague 2014
2015 Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2Alienware Area 51 Dota 2 CupAlienware Summer's End Cup
AOC & Rapoo Masters ChampionshipsAsia Arena CupASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 3Bridon Open CupBTS Americas
BTS Americas 2BTS Southeast Asia 1Corsair Gaming ArenaDota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Canada Cup Season 4
Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 5Dota 2 Champions League Season 5Dota 2 Champions League Season 6Dota Pit League Season 3
DouyuTV Dota 2 TournamentE-Sport Bets ShowmatchECL 2015 SpringESCC 2015Elimination ModeESL One Frankfurt 2015
ESL One New York 2015Esport SM 2015FirstGameTV Dota 2 CupFrankfurt Major 2015G-Guard ChallengeG-League 2015
Game Show InvitationalGEST SEA CupHitbox EU ChampionshipHitbox EU Championship 2Hitbox Obutto Championship 2
HuomaoTV Mid-summer League Season 1I-League Season 3InsideDOTA Challenge 1InsideDOTA Challenge 2Iron Trophy Europe
joinDOTA League America Season 5joinDOTA League Asia Season 5joinDOTA League Europe Season 5
joinDOTA League America Season 6joinDOTA League Asia Season 6joinDOTA League Europe Season 6
joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament
MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 7 Leg 2MLG World Finals 2015Mountain Trail Challenge
MPGL Season 7 SEAMSI Dragon BattleNanyang Dota 2 ChampionshipsNXTGAME Dota 2 Invitational
RoG Play It Cool Dota 2 InvitationalSEA Dragon Battle 2Star Ladder Pro Series Season 11Star Ladder Star Series Season 12
Sudamerican Master 2Sudamerican Master 3The International 2015The Prime MajorThe Summit 3VPGame Pro League
Yard G2A Fest Ep.1

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